Are You Ready For The New Google Mobile-friendly Algorithm Update?

Are you ready for the new Google Mobile-friendly algorithm update? Statistics show that there are more than five billion cell phones functional in the world and over 90 percent of their users keep all the time their phones right beside themselves. Mobile phones are used today in three out of five searches for services and products online and around 61 percent of these searches end up with phone calls inquires about these services and products. This information shows the growing importance of mobile medium in our daily life. When it comes to mobile searches, users need the most relevant and timely results. As an increased number of users access the Internet on their mobile devices, search engine algorithms need to adapt to these new patterns of usage. As a result of this increasing mobile trend, Google announced a major algorithm update for April 21. This move from Google has the purpose to encourage the growing base of mobile users. The new search engine algorithm update will focus on expanding the importance of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. The change will have a major impact in our search results and will affect mobile searches worldwide, in all languages. All websites that do not adapt to the mobile ready guidelines will be affected by this new Google update. Some search engine optimization work will be required in order to adapt to this change.

The Google mobile friendly algorithm update that will be implemented on April 21 contains two important changes that have the purpose to help users discover more mobile-friendly content:

  1. More Mobile-Friendly Websites in Search Results

Mobile-friendliness will expand its role as a ranking signal. Users will find it easier to get high quality and relevant search results that are optimized for the mobile devices. Webmasters who want to get better prepared for this change can use some tools in order to check how Google bots view their pages:

  • For testing just a few pages, they can use the Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • For testing an entire website, they can use the Mobile Usability Report part of the Webmaster Tools.
  1. More Relevant App Content in Search Results

The new Google search engine algorithm update will use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking. Content from indexed apps will start to surface more prominently in search.

Most Important Features

The most notable features of the new Google mobile friendly algorithm update are:

  • In order to pass the “mobile-friendly” test, the Google bot must be allowed to crawl JavaScript and CSS
  • Tablets will not be affected by this update
  • Mobile friendliness is not determined site wide but rather at the page level

How to Adapt To the Change

Webmasters can choose to build a separate mobile site optimized it for their mobile users. These mobile sites may have a different navigation system, less content, or other unique mobile-only options. However, despite having a separate mobile website, presenting an optimal display on intermediate resolutions may still remain a problem because the device screen widths present on the market today features a lot of variations. Having a separate mobile site version for each of these resolutions it’s generally not cost-effective. A solution to this issue might be designing a responsive mobile website that instructs the mobile device on how to display it properly.

Search engine optimisation on mobile websites has some particular requirements. Usually, mobile sites are built on a sub-domain. For duplicate mobile pages, in this case you’ll need to use some canonical tags in order to point to the desktop URL.

If you’re website is not mobile optimised for the new Google Update, you contact our team today and we can help get your site ready for the new and upcoming update.

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