5 New Trends That Are Redefining Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a core part of any business with an online presence. But thanks to the ever changing world of search engines and the internet of everything, the SEO terrain has evolved a great deal. Converse to a few years back, present SEO strategies focus more on formatting content in ways that are palatable for internet users as well as the search engines. As such, every internet marketer and web content publisher should familiarize themselves with current developments in the SEO field or else risk obscurity. To help you out, here is an outline of 5 new trends that are redefining search engine optimisation. Read on.
1. The Rise of Mobile Search Optimisation
With many people owning smart phones, mobile based searches have become a norm in SEO nowadays. According to insights by
comScore, over 80 percent of smart phone owners use their devices to access retail sites such as Amazon and eBay. Conversely, the number of people using their desktops have been falling steadily over the years. If you don’t optimise your site accordingly, you stand to lose a great deal.

Here is a useful article from Moz.com explaining the latest Google update on the importance of Mobile friendly websites in 2015.

2. Shifting Focus in Long-tail keywords.
Keywords are the basis of any search engine optimisation strategy. Unless you use your keywords appropriately, your optimization efforts are just as dead. Long-tail keywords are replacing single-worded keywords to fed off competition when it comes to ranking on search engines’ results pages. Basically, long-tail keywords entail incorporating three or more key phrases that are specific to your products instead of just a single key phrase.

3. Importance of Link Building.
Due to increased competition for web traffic, building connections has become ever essential. The larger percentage of traffic to your website will most likely originate from referrals by other platforms. It’s this need that makes link building an important undertaking in search engine optimization. Back links are used by Google, which is typically the dominant search engine today, to determine how valuable your site.

4. Responsive Web Design
As the use of mobile phones in accessing information on the internet has increasing rapidly, having a mobile-friendly website is vital. Since there are more than 2 billion mobile phones in use world over, there’s a high chance that many mobile users will have their first internet experience over their mobile phones. For these rapid changes, it’s paramount for every web designer to take cue and make their websites’ mobile friendly.

5. Social Media Are The New Frontiers of SEO.
In any website, social media accounts for the largest chunk of content dissemination channels and referral traffic. Research statistics by Shareaholic, Facebook accounts for 21.25 percent of referral traffic that leading websites register while Pinterest accounts for 7 percent of the traffic. This means that social media present unparalleled opportunities for web content publishers to derive easy traffic, converse to relying on organic searches.

Bottom Line
With all the changes witnessed lately in search engine optimization field, ranking on search engines may seem an impossible mission. Unless you have a concrete strategy to keep content appealing to the search engines and the internet users at the same time, your internet business is just as good as dead. But it doesn’t have to be. The above tips lay bare five important changes in content optimisation that you should consider implementing.

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